5. Plastic Pollution Solutions: What is the story of Nzambi Matee? What is the upside to her invention and business? What are the potential challenges?Why aren’t more stories like this featured in mainstream press?

Nzambi Matee and her invention

Nzambi Matee is the inventor of a process that turns plastic waste into paving bricks. She has figured out a way to combine the plastic with sand to make these bricks. This is a wildly important invention and a better way to recycle plastic, as most plastic actually gets thrown out instead of recycled. Her invention helps reduce waste and makes cheaper building materials. With this process, we could recycle more plastic and when she develops them more to be for building, we could have a cheap resource to build houses for the less fortunate and maybe even build sturdier homes period. A potential challenge I see is that traditional brick makers might not want this to happen so they might lobby for the bricks to not be used to construction, but I see a way around this and I can see her invention being used on a global scale. Nzambi Matee really saw the change that needed to happened and found out a way to make it and she is inspiring for doing so, also she just seems like a bright spirit. The mainstream press is too focused on big celebrities donating money or starting foundations to actually get to grassroots changemakers like Nzambi.

6. Vanessa Nakate: Who is she? And why is this photograph important?

Cropped picture(above) and Original picture(below)

Vanessa Nakate is a 23 year old eco-activist from Uganda. She is a very bright woman and has led movements to bring light to the effects of climate change on the African continent. She understands that the decision we make now will affect the world in the future and she wants to do something about it. However, Vanessa Nakate was apparently not the vision of an activist according to AP News Agency. She was cropped out of a published photo with other young white activists. Why? Vanessa Nakate believed it was because black activist do not get their due. Black activists are looked at as bad while the white activists are the ones that will save the world. It is really appalling because Vanessa Nakate is doing all the work that these other activists are doing, yet AP News Agency felt as if she did not deserve the credit. Meanwhile, Greta Thunberg is on the front page of every news site every time she opens her mouth. Now it is not Greta’s fault, however you can see the discrepancy between the way the two activists are treated.

16. Footprint Calculator: What is Your Carbon Footprint? Use this tool to calculate your own carbon footprint. Provide a review of the tool itself: is it accurate? Is it useful overall? What did you learn from it?

My ecological footprint is 9.1, my carbon footprint is 14. I don’t know if it is accurate but I have a problem with us putting the responsibility of climate change on individuals when it is actually big corporations that have the most waste and the largest carbon footprint. I am a poor college student who lives in an apartment building. I have no control of if my building uses solar panels or recycles energy. The only thing I can control is if my bottles and boxes are separated from the trash and even then most of that isn’t even recycled. I try to do all the normal things like not running the water when I brush my teeth, using my dishwasher instead of the sink, cutting off lights, things like that, but I can’t control companies who dump their waste in the lakes. I do my best, I just wish companies would follow suit.

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